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Date: April 19, 2023 (Wednesday)
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Equal Opportunity Poster Competition Result Poster. Content same as text on this webpage.

Equal Opportunity Poster Competition 2023 Result



The winners, selected by a panel of judges, are as follows:

Champion: Wong Tsz Ching Ruby (Faculty of Arts)

Title: Diversity in HKU - acknowledge, welcome & respect

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

Champion: Wong Tsz Ching Ruby (Diversity in HKU acknowledge welcome respect)Diversity is presented in the visuals - 1) Race: different skin colours 2) Gender identity: pink/ blue/ rainbow colours representing the two genders and the LGBTQ+ community 3) Religion: symbols representing the eight religions (Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism) 4) Culture: Different hand signs may have different meaning in different culture contexts This poster focuses on promoting the importance of diversity in our HKU community. The other entry of mine also adopts a matching design with this poster, combining to bring out the theme of “Diversity” and “Inclusion”.


First Runner-up: Huang Xiaoquan (Faculty of Engineering)

Title: SAY NO

Theme: Preventing Sexual Harassment

1st Runner-up: Huang Xiaoquan (SAY NO) "I am just kidding" "one part of Hall culture" "Don't be too serious" "Just touch and that's flattering, why so sensitive " Both girls and boys should say NO to any sexual harassment. Only individuals treat it seriously, our society can treat it seriously. Be brave, Don't be silent


Second Runner-up: Cheung Wai Yan Suki (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Title: Raise Your Hand and Say NO to Sexual Harassment

Theme: Preventing Sexual Harassment

2nd Runner-up: Cheung Wai Yan Suki (Raise Your Hand and Say NO to Sexual Harassment) The poster features a bold and impactful design, with the central message "RAISE YOUR HAND AND SAY NO TO SEXUAL HARASSMENT" written in large, capital and white letters. The background is black, which conveys a sense of darkness and create a significant contrast. The poster also includes graphic of hands trying to approach another hand while another hand strongly stop them, further emphasizing the message to stop sexual harassment. The great contrast of use of colour also serves as a reminder that sexual harassment is evil and intolerant. Overall, the poster is simple, yet effective, with a clear call to action that encourages viewers to take a strong stand against sexual harassment.


Second Runner-up: Chung Ping Yu (Faculty of Law)

Title: It's okay for you to say no!

Theme: Preventing Sexual Harassment

2nd Runner-up: Chung Ping Yu (Its okay for you to say no) Sexual harssment is a big challenge. When harssment happens, sometimes victims do not have the courage to stop the unwelcome behaviour. This poster hopes to send a message to remind all of us that: at any time in any place, it is okay for you to say no.


Viewers' Choice Award and Merit: Wong On Yin (Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine)

Title: What EOC/HKU EOU discrimination policy covers

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

Merit: Wong On Yin (What EOC HKU EOU discrimination policy covers) There are currently 4 major discrimination policies that Equal Opportunities Commission and HKU Equal Opportunity Unit cover. Could you find them out in the eye chart?


Merit: Cheng Yu Sang Vincent (Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine)

Title: From food to good

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

Merit: Cheng Yu Sang Vincent (From food to good) In this poster, I used food as a metaphor to show how a society needs diversity and inclusion to thrive.


Merit: Denise Tang Ramos (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Title: From Anyone to No One

Theme: Preventing Sexual Harassment

Merit: Denise Tang Ramos (From Anyone to No One) People hold stereotypes on who “can” or “cannot” be sexually harassed. For example, how men cannot be victims, how women’s clothing affects their potential to be victims etc. In order to prevent sexual harassment, we need to be aware of the fact that it could happen to anyone. Without prejudice, more survivors would come forward. More offenders will be punished. Fewer sexual harassment cases will be experienced. With the daunting realization that it could happen to ANYONE, we are, in an equally daunting way, reminded that it should happen to NO ONE.


Merit: Tsui Tsz Shan (Faculty of Architecture)

Title: Preventing Sexual Harassment

Theme: Preventing Sexual Harassment

Merit: Tsui Tsz Shan (Preventing Sexual Harassment) The poster aims to raise awareness of sexual harassment and how it can happen to anyone, anytime regardless of gender. We should strive to create a safe campus environment for all where people can be comfortable in their own skin. Don’t be a bystander, speak out.


Merit: Wong Tsz Ching Ruby (Faculty of Arts)

Title: Inclusion in HKU - understand, appreciate & accept

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

Merit: Wong Tsz Ching Ruby (Inclusion in HKU understand appreciate accept) This poster aims to promote inclusion in HKU. Inclusion can be achieved when we understand the uniqueness of each individual among the community, then we shall try to appreciate each other. On the poster visual design, The shaking hands of two individuals from different background (race, gender) signifies “acceptance”. The acceptance of our uniqueness and differences. And the acceptance of every one of us in the community. Hopefully this poster reminds every one of us to understand, appreciate, and accept - which cultivates inclusion.


Merit: Zhou Wanting (Faculty of Architecture)

Title: 16% of the world

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

Merit: Zhou Wanting (16% percent of the world) According to the World Health Organization, there are “an estimated 1.3 billion people – or 16% of the global population – experience a significant disability.” Yet they are constantly underrepresented.


Thanks to our judges

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr Esther Woo, Director of Library Services of University Libraries and Dr Linda Yeung, Director of Counselling and Person Enrichment of Centre of Development and Resources for Students for serving as judges of this competition.