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The Equal Opportunity Unit organizes training workshops and briefing sessions for staff and students throughout the year to raise their awareness on equal opportunity issues. Our regular training activities include:

s   Briefing at new staff orientation – usually held in September and March

s   Briefing at Faculty induction programmes – usually held in August and September

s   Training for Equal Opportunity Advisors – usually held in the second semester

s   Training for Equal Opportunity Student Ambassadors – usually held in the first semester

s   Briefing at student residences – any time throughout the year

s   Equal Opportunity Festival – our annual event to promote awareness of equal opportunity values, usually held before the Reading Week in the first or second semester

Visit our Events for more details.

Work with us

Faculties, departments, student residences and student societies are welcome to contact us any time to discuss collaborative opportunities in training and education on equal opportunity issues.