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University Policy Statement

The University is committed to creating, promoting and maintaining an environment of equality of opportunity for members of the University community, free of any discrimination/harassment. The University recognises that the broad range of experiences a diverse staff and student body brings is very important to the University’s continuous pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, research, and knowledge exchange. As a global university, we must continue to foster the culture of respect, diversity and inclusion, which enables everyone to grow and flourish. The University supports equal opportunity and strongly opposes discrimination/harassment. The University will take whatever action may be needed to prevent, and if necessary, discipline behaviour which violates the Equal Opportunity Policy.

Purpose of Guidelines

This set of guidelines is to introduce some main concepts on equal opportunity and the precautions to guard against harassment and discrimination during orientation to the orientation programme organizers.

Sexual Harassment

Definition 1

X sexually harasses Y if X makes an unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature in which a reasonable person would anticipate that Y would be offended, humiliated or intimidated.

Definition 2

A sexually harasses B if A engages in a conduct of a sexual nature, which creates a sexually hostile or intimidating work environment for B.


Telling unwelcome sex jokes, sending offensive pornographic e-mails and making unwelcome sexual advances.

Having sexually suggestive slogans during orientation which makes some students feel humiliated.



Arrange male and female students to stay in separate areas in a campsite and avoid arranging activities that allow students to stay in areas of the opposite sex especially during nighttime.


Use slogan/cheers/lyrics/group names, etc. that are of a sexual nature or sexually suggestive.

Organize activities that may involve unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, e.g. games involving close body contacts and sexually suggestive games.

Prepare/hang up banners, posters or pictures of a sexual nature.

Tell sex jokes.

Send offensive pornographic e-mails.

Disability Discrimination Harassment

Disability discrimination is giving less favourable treatment to persons with a disability on the grounds of disability. Disability harassment is an unwelcome conduct made on the grounds of somebody's disability and one can reasonably predict that the person would feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.



Respect students with a disability.

Provide reasonable help to students with a disability.


Conduct any activity that will incite hatred/ contempt/ ridicule towards anyone with a disability. For example, do not make fun of another student's hearing impairment.

Say anything that is derogatory to persons with a disability.

Racial Discrimination Harassment

Racial discrimination is giving less favourable treatment to a person on the basis of race. Racial harassment is an unwelcome conduct made on the grounds of somebody's race or somebody's near relative's race which makes that person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.



Respect students of every race.

Publish materials in a language that can be understood by all readers. Generally, materials should best be published in a bilingual format or in English, which is the official language of the University.


Engage in name calling, which people of certain racial groups may find offensive or impolite.

Harassment on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation

A person harasses another person on the grounds of the latter's sexual orientation if that person engages in an unwelcome conduct on account of the latter's sexual orientation, in circumstances in which a reasonable person, would anticipate that the latter would be offended, humiliated or intimidated by that conduct.



Respect students of different sexual orientation.


Say or do something which may offend, humiliate or intimidate a student on the grounds of his/her sexual orientation.