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Policy Statement

The University is committed to creating, promoting and maintaining an environment for staff and students which provides equality of opportunity, which is free of any discrimination and harassment. It supports equal opportunity and strongly opposes discrimination / harassment. The University will take whatever action may be needed to prevent, and if necessary, discipline behaviour which violates this Policy.

Our equal opportunity policy prohibits

  1. Sex discrimination
  2. Sexual harassment
  3. Disability discrimination, harassment and vilification
  4. Marital status discrimination
  5. Family status discrimination
  6. Pregnancy discrimination
  7. Harassment on the ground of sexual orientation
  8. Racial discrimination and harassment
  9. Discrimination by way of victimisation


Sex discrimination
A student society organized a ball in which female could join it free of charge while male needed to pay an entrance fee.

Sexual harassment
A classmate/colleague sent you a pornographic email, making you feel offended.

Harassment on the ground of sexual orientation
Some students openly teased a lesbian hallmate on the ground of her sexual orientation and refused to allow her to use the study room.

Disability discrimination
A Department refused to employ a qualified person simply because that person had AIDS.

Disability harassment
A student made fun of another student who had cerebral palsy by mimicking how the latter spoke.

Disability vilification
A student publicly commented that persons with mental illnesses were “time-bombs” and should be condemned and isolated.

Marital status discrimination
A Department refused to admit a qualified student simply because he was married.

Family status discrimination
A boss did not promote a qualified staff fearing that she might not be able to attend overseas conferences because of her need to take care of her young son.

Pregnancy discrimination
A boss fired a secretary after she had reported her pregnancy because the boss wanted to save the cost in employing a temporary replacement during her maternity leave.

Racial discrimination
A student club refused to admit all white students as members because of their skin colour.

Racial harassment
A white student commented that all black students were stupid.

Discrimination by way of victimisation
X fired Y just because Y had lodged a sexual harassment complaint against X.

The formal complaint handling mechanism

Five major steps

  1. Write to the Vice Chancellor
  2. Screening by the Equal Opportunity Officer
  3. Conciliation/mediation if the case is screened in
  4. Formal investigation by Discrimination Complaint Committee if conciliation/mediation fails
  5. Impose penalty if the case is substantiated

Details of the policy and procedures can be found at

For enquiries and complaints

Please contact the Equal Opportunity Unit:
Address: Room 107, Main Building
Telephone: 3917 5115
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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