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Flow Chart

Title: Flow Chart on Handling Request for Advice/Assistance and Complaints on Discrimination/Harassment (on grounds covered under the HKU Equal Opportunity Policy)  Top of the Chart begins with: Request for Advice/Assistance received by Equal Opportunity Unit.  Then: Explanation of Definitions/Procedures/Options.  Followed by three possible scenarios: 1. Resolved 2. Complaint in writing 3. Not within remit - referral to other support services  If Complaint in writing, then go to: 1. Informal Resolution, or 2. Formal Procedures, If so decided by the complainant,  If go for Information Resolution, then two possible outcomes: 1. Resolved 2. Not resolved  If not resolved, then go to Formal Procedures: Preliminary Inquiry  Then: Preliminary Inquiry report considered by President and Vice-Chancellor  Followed by three possible scenarios: 1. Matter to be referred to an outside body 2. Investigation by Discrimination Complaints Committee (DCC) 3. Case Dismissed  If complaint referred to the Discrimination Complaints Committee (DCC) for investigation, then two possible outcomes: 1. Complaint Substantiated, then Recommendation of Penalty 2. Complaint Unsubstantiated  In either case: DCC Report submitted to President and Vice-Chancellor  Lastly: Right of appeal under relevant University procedures  Note: This flow chart is for illustrative purposes only. For details, please refer to the University’s Procedures for Handling Discrimination/Harassment Complaints on the EOU website.    Equal Opportunity Unit Updated on August 17, 2021