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Date: December 1, 2020 (Tuesday)
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Equal Opportunity Poster Competition 2020-21

EOF 2020 - Equal Opportunity Poster Competition Result



The winners, selected by a panel of judges, are as follows:

Champion:  Lam Wing Yuen Judy (Faculty of Education)

Theme: Inclusion and Diversity

Champion Poster: Lam Wing Yuen Judy.  I have chosen the theme “Inclusion and Diversity” as I believe it is important to embrace  diversity so to achieve a harmonious learning environment. Being open-minded and  respecting the uniqueness would enhance our learning and research. As a PGDE student,  I would also like to foster the idea of embracing our uniqueness to my students when I  teach during my practicum.      The design has three parts:  1) “Hands in different colours” - It signifies we are all unique and we all have the  right to express our ideas freely.  2) “background words” - I was inspired by one of th professors who used  during our lectures to let a huge group of students to voice out our ideas at the  same time. I asked my friends to give me the first word about diversity in their  minds and I used those words to create a word collage to display in what ways we  could be different.  3) “Message in Blue heart” - A simple message to how we could achieve inclusion  on campus. The shape of heart has the symbolic meaning of love and I believe  that loving one another is the ultimate goal.

First Runner-up:  Ng Chung Wa (Faculty of Engineering)

Theme:  Inclusion and Diversity

First-Runner Up:  Mr Ng Chung WA.  I would like to create an aesthetical & long-lasting poster with the theme of “Diversity and  Inclusion” for our campus. The true inclusion will over come all barriers as well as  discrimination, and build a supportive and respectful learning environment together. My  idea aims to present equality through shadow of students with different races, genders,  disabilities and sexual orientations sharing same goal of academic achievement. At the  same time, a proportion of negative space illustrates graduation of students. Use of  positive & negative space not only produces a dramatic story-telling effect, but also  integrate all visual elements as one. Harmonious colour tone & simple typeface  embellishes the whole poster.

Second Runner-up:  Yusuf Mohideen (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Theme:  Inclusion and Diversity

‘Beyond labels’ is the concept where differences are celebrated. We’re more than just social-labels. We are what we make ourselves to be and that’s what I wanted to bring out in this art piece. To highlight different intersectionality of race, gender, size and religion.   The front has a group of women who represent diversity & inclusion amongst women. A patriarchal expectation of women is fighting to see who’s the most beautiful one. I wanted to break that stereotype by showing women of different races (African, Indian, Caucasian, Mexican, Asian & Middle-eastern) with different appearances (Bindi, nose ring, unibrow, long winged liner, short hair) to show beauty comes in all colors, shapes & sizes. There’s no ‘one definition’ of beauty. They’re outlined in pink, a symbolic representation of using a stereotypic feminine color to debunk stereotypes of how they should look like.  Yellow borderline represents the black lives movement and the oppressive attacks that black people had to encounter. The green highlight represents religious rights, thus showing a Muslim woman and a person of Bahai faith. Yellow and red show the children representing their nations in both their cultural and racial conflicts such as the Rohingya incident. The blue highlight shows all men laying cheek to cheek, to break the stereotype that men can’t be intimate with other men. There’s also men that show their gender expression and femineity through the artwork on their face such as the multi-eyed man and man with makeup.  All these color boundaries intersect, to show that we are more connected than we think we are and they all form a rainbow that cascades to the top which insinuates LGBT rights as well as harmony within diversity beyond societal labels.

Merit: Ngan Yun Ki (Faculty of Engineering)

Theme: Inclusion and Diversity

The poster is colorful as it implies that diversity is present in the family of HKU. The fingerprints and the ‘open’ mean the uniqueness and welcome from every individual. Eye-catching font and color of words are chosen in order to attract people. By ending the poster with a powerful quote, I hope that people can rethink about how they treat people differently and whether this is a positive attitude.  The poster tries to emphasize two things, everyone is equal in the University of Hong Kong and we should accept the concept of diversity and inclusion. Opportunities are everywhere, no matter what your positions are. Through this, I hope that individuals in HKU can be brave to try new things, face challenges. They should grab opportunities that are foreseeable and turn them into possibilities. At the same time, I hope to raise public attentions about the diversity and inclusion in university. I wish that the poster can give them an insight and raise people’s awareness in diversity and inclusion.

Merit:  Samiya Bi (Faculty of Arts)

Theme: Inclusion and Diversity

My motive behind this poster is unity.  I added a quote which I wrote myself. “They call it different; I call it unique”. This explains although we belong to different backgrounds, we speak different languages, we eat different food etc. But at the end of the day we all are same because we all come under one category and that is humanity. The reason I call it unique is although we are from different  backgrounds but it is unique in so many different ways. Imagine if we all were same, wouldn’t that be boring speaking the same language, eating the same food every day, listening to the same music and many more. So, differences make us unique because we learn new things and enjoy.  Moreover, I asked three questions in my poster for us to reflect do we really welcome other cultures and backgrounds? A recent incident happened which really saddened me about Black lives matter. And I have answered these questions in the poster by adding “We all are one”, which is the message of unity.  Lastly, I wrote “DIVERSITY” in different circles and I have added  flags of different countries in each circle to symbolizes diversity.

Merit:  Shi Keyan (Faculty of Science)

Theme:  Preventing Sexual Harassment

The poster starts from some common misconceptions to direct people to ponder whether they treat sexual harassment properly. In the middle of the poster is the theme and solution that I would like to address and emphasize. There are mainly two parties who can jointly contribute to sexual harassment prevention, where the most important content was pointed out with Chinese translation to expand its targeted audience at the first glance. It is also crucial to provide path for them to report or lodge complaint (which facilitates university a better picture of related issues), which is indicated at the bottom as a reference.  I care about the topic a lot for a long time. It is because I myself has encountered improper sexual suggestive behavior before since my primary school. I am glad things get better in Hong Kong, where I receive more respect. However, I hear peers’ pressure from hall orientation or similar activities involving sexual harassment. As an EOSA and also a university student, I feel obliged to encourage a sexual harassment free environment for people to live in.

Merit:  Tsui Tsz Shan (Faculty of Architecture)

Theme: Mutual Respect

Based on the theme of mutual respect, I was inspired to explore the idea of mutual respect in the world that is irrespective of ethnicity, culture, background or age. I tried to portray this through the interactions of people in a community - I chose not to draw the details of the people in the artwork and instead chose to draw the silhouette because no matter what someone may look like, everyone should be treated equally and not discriminated because of their looks and we should avoid having prejudice or preconceived opinions about people. Furthermore, humans should not be discriminated because of their skin color, we should all respect and support others and provide equal opportunities for everyone.


Thanks to our judges

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Professor Terry Au, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Staffing and Resources), Mr Steve Lo, Executive Vice-President (Administration and Finance), Professor Simon Young, Professor and Associate Dean (Research) at Faculty of Law, Ms Rebecca Poon, Lecturer at School of Nursing, and Dr Michael Tse, Director of Centre for Sports and Exercise, for serving as judges of this competition.

  • DATE: December 1, 2020 (Tuesday)