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[EOSA Women’s Appreciation Messages]

EOSA Women's Appreciation Message Picture: Thank you to Mother

To celebrate the International Women’s Day (March 8), our EOSAs recently organized the “Women’s Appreciation Messages” to invite students to express their gratitude to a woman they deeply appreciate. We have some true feelings in messages to “Mother”!  Mother is the best in the world. She not only accompanies us when we face challenges, but also shares the joy with us when we make achievements.

Message 1: Happy Women’s Day
From: Daughter
To: Mother

“Thank you for all of the mountains of advice you've offered and for being open-minded, constructive, and helpful. Thank you for accompanying me on my journeys and introducing me to new places, people, and experiences. Thank you for taking chances and risks in your own life as well as with me. It assists me in doing the same. Thank you for allowing yourself to be who you are. Thank you for standing up for me and my achievements. I'm ecstatic to be by your side. Happy International Women's Day!”

Message 2: The Power of a Mother
From: Brittany
To: My Mother

“I am so grateful to have you as my mother, who had given me a chance to come to this lovely world. Your unconditional love and care have grown me up to be an independent and compassionate individual. You are a great mother that always smiles like the sunshine, and you are always ready to help others in need. Your personality has impressed me deeply and made me turn out to be an outgoing and helpful person. Also, it makes me determined in studying medicine. And I appreciate your selfless support in helping me realize my potential, pursue my passions, and accomplish my goals in academia. The love you have blessed me with will continuously empower me to be a better self across the span of my life.”

Message 3: Unwavering Love
From: Cain
To: My Mother

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” You have been shouldering the burden of raising me and transforming me to a person of virtues since you traded your teenage dreams and care-free days for me. I, by no means, am the person you hoped to mold into. I am stubborn and headstrong ever since I first opened my eyes. But with you unwavering support and love, given to me even when I am in the wrong, you have shown me the limitlessness of motherly love and I do not know if I could ever reciprocate. So, I am here to consign my appreciation and love to you.”

EOSA Women's Appreciation Message Picture: Thank you to "She" in family

Women unconditionally support their families as mothers, sisters and daughters throughout their lives. It is time for us to recognise their contributions and appreciate them for what they have done!

Message 4: Thank You
From: Kar Man
To: My Mom and Grandmothers

“To my mother and grandmothers, thank you for always being the best role models in my life and for showing me that my gender will not stand in the way of achieving what I want.”

Message 5: Big Part of My Life

From: Saana
To: Mehwish

“This is dedicated to my older sister who has been a big part of my life for almost 23 years!! My sister and I have numerous fights and arguments yet we care a lot for each other and she holds a special place in my heart. Soon, she is getting married and shifting to a different country, she will be miles away from me. Before she goes I just want her to know that thank you so much for making my childhood awesome, growing up with you has given me such beautiful memories that I will cherish forever and I appreciate everything you have done for me, honestly, I can never thank you enough for the times you have been there for me. You are the reason I have reached this far and I will forever be grateful to have you. I know we will be separated and it is going to be so difficult to let you go, I will miss the presence of you being in the same room with me and now I can’t imagine that it is the end of an era so I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.”

Message 6: To My Mother – Thank You for Giving Me the Best

From: You Child
To: Mum

“My dear mother, when you call in the future, don't keep saying that I don't miss you anymore. Maybe I occasionally forget that I haven't called you for weeks, but when it's quiet at night, I always think back to those New Year's nights at home, when we nibbled melon seeds and watched TV shows together in the house. Your hands are so warm and rough. Over the years, I don't know how many clothes have been washed, how much cotton has been picked, and how many vegetables have been grown. Years have left you with a few strands of gray hair, and wrinkles have quietly climbed the corners of your eyes, but the sleeping mask you asked me to buy for you ended up being mediocre.

Over the years, every time I traveled far away from home, you said it would make you cry for days. The older I get, the more I feel your vulnerability, especially since my grandmother passed away a few years ago. The world outside is changing rapidly, but the small village is still trivial and straightforward. It's not that I don't want to stay by your side, it's just that my hometown remains the same, but I'm no longer the boy I was.

I have had a lot of helplessness in the past, especially when faced with some major choices such as choosing a major or changing jobs, you could not give me practical advice. Now I understand that you and Dad have done your best to provide me with the best. Although you may have spent your whole life in that small village, I think you overcame many difficulties to raise me to study. At least the current life is my own choice, and I will be responsible to the end to live up to your expectations, let alone the raging fire in my heart."

EOSA Women's Appreciation Message Picture: Thank you to every "She"

//And woman, I will try to express

My inner feeling and thankfulness

For showing me the meaning of success// — “Woman” by John Lennon

Last but not least, all the amazing women throughout the world deserve every possibility to pursue their dreams. Let us be grateful to them!

Message 7: Power to All the Women
From: Ella
To: Every Woman Finding Herself and Exploring What Her Definition of Being a Woman is

“I believe that as much as there will be days when you would possibly underestimate yourself or find your value not in yourself but in others, you are strong. You have taught me that being of this nature is a powerful tool, not just to raise generations, but to let my voice be heard in high places and contribute to the major decisions that impact our world. Thank you for being a place to confide in and a source of comfort when times are hard. Thank you for having the sensitivity and care, for showing how you feel and going out of your way for those you love. Thank you for doing the best that you can whenever you can.”

Message 8: You’re the Best!
From: Human Beings
To: Women
“Thanks to your dedications, we now have a well-developed society!”

Message 9: Thank You for Your Consistent Fight
From: A Daughter of a Working-Class Woman
To: Working Class Women Everywhere

“To the women who face and fight against socio-economic inequity and discrimination, thank you for existing and continuing to speak up about these injustices. I hope that more people can join to spread your voices and stances, and fight against the systems of oppression that continue to suppress your privilege and rights. You are the heroes and the voices of our generation!”