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Tsoi Yik Ying, Rondy 
Faculty of Social Sciences (Year 4)

We All Shine in Our Own Ways

A movie is just about 2 hours long, yet the messages it conveys can last forever.

As a tutor who always work with students with special education needs (SEN), it is my great pleasure to serve as the student MC host of "Conquering the Starting Line of Life - Screening and Discussion of Zero to Hero”. We are grateful to have Ms. Sandra Ng and Mr. Jimmy Wan sharing their inspiration and fascinating filming experiences with us.

"Winning at the starting line.", is a popular phrase among Hong Kong parents.  Some children are ‘doomed to fail’ at first due to inherited defects, yet they thrive in their own ways with perseverance, determination, and family support.

One of the key messages we hope to convey is to raise public awareness about SEN stigma. Caregivers (mainly parents of children with SEN) are always under tremendous pressure, ranging from public misunderstanding to discrimination against their children.

SEN just indicates that children need additional support for certain needs, but it never defines who they are. May the world be blessed with more understanding, love, and support for those who are born unique.


Event photo: A discussion within Rondy, Sandra and Jimmy