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Photo: Lucky money Lucky me | Receiving Lai See from a kind woman | 2021 Year of Ox

Title: Lucky Money Lucky Me | Receiving Lai See from a Kind Woman | 2021 Year of Ox

By: Denise Dela Adzakey (Faculty of Science)

Theme: Mutual Respect

Brief Description:
Lai see is given to enhance and improve family and friend bonds. As a result, on Chinese New Year's Day, I count myself lucky to have received a gold packet containing lucky money from a lovely woman. Not only did I receive the gold packet with Chinese symbols representing good luck and prosperity, but I also learned how to show respect when receiving the envelope. When the gold packet was set to be presented to me that day, I tried to receive it with one hand, as I would receive a random item from a friend, but I later learned that Lai See is usually received with both hands, therefore my original approach was the impolite way of receiving Lai See.