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Date: Oct 10 - 31, 2022
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The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) launched the Equal Opportunity Youth Ambassadors Scheme (the Scheme) in the 2022/23 academic year. The Scheme is an engagement programme rallying young staunch supporters for equal opportunities.

Under this six-month Scheme, selected students will be appointed as Youth Ambassadors, provided with a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities and mentoring activities regarding equal opportunities. It is a unique occasion for students to acquire professional skills and social experience beyond classroom, and heighten their sense of connection and belonging with the EOC. The Youth Ambassadors who have attained a satisfactory attendance rate of the activities under the Scheme would receive the following rewards:

  • A certificate issued by the EOC
  • A written reference letter signed by EOC Chairperson
  • A digital recommendation granted by EOC Chairperson on LinkedIn

The Scheme will be open for application from 10 October to 31 October. All full-time students, irrespective of gender, race, family status and diverse abilities, are welcome to join the Scheme. EOC would provide reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities in accordance with their needs. For details of the Scheme, please refer to the Scheme’s website