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Date: December 27, 2023
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Equal Opportunity Photo Competition 2023 Result


The winners, selected by a panel of judges, are as follows:

Champion : "Different"

By: WONG Tsz Ching Ruby (Faculty of Arts)

Theme: Mutual Respect

Even though we may be different, we can still be friends. Even though we come from different places, we can still share common ground. Even though we have different food preferences, we can still have lunch together. Even though we speak different languages, we can still study the same subject at HKU. Even though we are different, we can still understand and respect each other. Mutual respect at HKU❤️


1st Runner-up: "Resilience in Silence : Bruises"

By: OUARITINI Salim (HKU Business School)

Theme: Preventing Sexual Harassment

Relevé! Plié! Keep your head up! And posture straight! Sometimes, while the horrific and unspeakable is still lingering inside your body, the world tells you to keep your head up and keep going while the wounds are still screaming. Pay attention to what's within the eyes, you might get a glimpse of it, the bruises of the past.

Resilience in Silence : Bruises

2nd Runner-up : "Step-Step-Up 🏳️‍🌈"

By: LIN Xiaohan (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

Although the natural rainbow has seven colors while the rainbow flag standing for LGBT pride has six (and while there are more flags representing other sexual and gender minorities), many regard the natural one as the symbol of diversity, and of course, of happiness. It is interesting that I found this rainbow very much near a flight of stairs on campus. I hope it can represent (or at least place the hope on) how developing and improving our university and society are regarding diversity and inclusion. I hope all the minorities and diverse groups, be they related to gender, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, background, etc., can live in an environment that strives to be more inclusive and friendly in progress, step by step.

Step Step Up

2nd Runner-up : "Prayer in Pain : Chained"

By: OUARITINI Salim (HKU Business School)

Theme: Preventing Sexual Harassment

Because not then, not now, have you been able to escape the guilt and the pain, the suffering and the vain, the world and yourself. Chained to the laws of insanity while faith has died a long time ago, you are forced to pray. Because you feel like you have nothing else left.

Prayer in Pain : Chained

Merit : "Spread the Love"

By: FUNG Sharon (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences)

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

The beauty of street art is that it is a democratic form of expression everyone can participate in. Someone first pasted a rainbow heart on the wall, others then spread the message by adding their own stickers around the heart. Together it forms a vibrant and inclusive expression of love and inclusion.

Spread the Love

Merit : "Kids"

By: KWOK Tak Pong (Faculty of Arts)

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

This is a candid picture taken around the corner. Kids of different races happily hang out with one another. Kids have no prejudice, judgement or presumption. They just live in the present and have fun together. Adults sometimes have too much baggage and forget what life is about - enjoy the moment and relish what has been given to us.


Merit : "This time for México"

By: LAU Ka Yi (Faculty of Arts)

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

This is a picture taken in Victoria, Canada. A Mexican festival took place with people dancing and Mexicans proudly presenting their unique cultures.

This time for Mexico

Merit and Viewers' Choice Award: "We are all uniquely beautiful!"

By: LEE Ka Lun (Faculty of Education)

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

We may have different appearance, values and beliefs but we are all uniquely beautiful in the world!

We are all uniquely beautiful

Merit: "Floating Rainbow Flexible Bubble"

By: LIN Xiaohan (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

The top two magical and delightful features of blowing bubbles are, one, the countlessly flexible shape of bubbles, and two, their bizarrely varied colors. What's even more stunning? The combination of the two—the floating rainbow meandering among the flexible bubble. I wish every single one of us can sway in the breeze freely, shaping into something as diverse as these colors and outlines.

Floating Rainbow Flexible Bubble

Merit : "The Tiles"

By: WONG Tsz Ching Ruby (Faculty of Arts)

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

This photo taken at HKU - outside Main Library, shows a tactile paving for vision impaired users. I love the crossover of different tiles and how different shades of grey are captured in this photo. We all have different colours, shapes, and characteristics, and every piece of tile is unique and different as well. It takes different shapes and colours to form a whole floor for us to walk along. In this photograph, the tiles are beautifully blended together, showing the mutual respect and diversity we embrace at HKU.

The Tiles

Thanks to our judges

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr Frances Law, Associate Professor of Department of Social Work and Social Administration, and Mr Laurence Tang, Head of Campus Life, CEDARS, for serving as judges of this competition.

  • DATE: December 27, 2023