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Champion: A Cleaner under COVID-19 in Mong Kok

Champion: A Cleaner under COVID-19 in Mong Kok

By: Wong On Yin (LKS Faculty of Medicine)

Theme: Mutual Respect

Brief Description:
Mong Kok was always crowded with office workers, people shopping, and people going to the vaccine center. On this day, a worker in a white uniform suddenly caught my eye. It was a woman who was cleaning outside the mall. People are afraid to go out during Covid-19, but there is this committed group of street cleaners in Hong Kong who provide sincere assistance in keeping the streets clean.. As soon as I see them, I will thank them for their hard work, and if possible, I will even hand them water. I believe that very person is born with their own dreams, and I would love to know more about the stories and dreams they have.